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Three Fredericton Green Shops members honoured for business excellence

October 19, 2011
Fredericton (NB)
– Taylor Printing Group, Service Master Clean and Sue Lawrence Hair Spa and Gallery, were honoured at this evening’s Business Excellence Awards, hosted by the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce. All three businesses are gold members in the Fredericton Green Shops program.

Taylor Printing, winner in the KPMG Intermediate Business category, grew from a vision to use the latest technology and best people available to combine resources to serve the market the best way possible. Today, with over 20 employees and 150+ years of combined experience, Taylor offers exemplary printing services, all while paying heed to the environment.  Taylor is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified, bullfrogpowered, and also recycles everything from paper clippings, to cardboard, to the metal they use in their presses.

Service Master Clean took top honours in the UPS Large Business category, for their excellent customer service and consistent growth trajectory over the years. Increasing from five to over 200 employees in the last 30+ years, Service Master recently moved into their own brand new facility. Recognizing the potential they had to build green and reduce their industrial impact on the environment, large windows were installed for natural light, geo-thermal technology was brought online, along with many other ‘green’ actions.

Winner in the Matthews McCrea Elliott Sustainable Leadership category, Sue Lawrence Hair Spa & Gallery continues to forge ahead as a great example of environmental stewardship. From the products offered at the shop, to the people she employs, Sue’s message is consistent – sustainability is a key component to the business. From recycling hair color tubes, to paper, and even composting hair waste, Sue continues to set the standard for impeccable customer service and environmental consciousness.

The annual Business Excellence Awards program recognizes outstanding business achievement and community involvement within the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce membership. In 2011, there were 21 finalists announced in seven different categories, including, small-, intermediate-, and large business, youth entrepreneur, sustainable leadership, community impact, and business person(s) of the year. Of the 21 nominees, seven finalists were Green Shops members.


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